Saturday, November 28, 2009


I bought my AAA batteries for my calculator and printed off my admission ticket for the SAT II that was in a week. My host-mother told me that we're going to Guayaquil. I packed my bag and we headed out, chewing on some Missouri salt-water taffy! I went with my host parents (we went to Guayaquil to drop off my host-father at the airport the next morning), my brother Andrés, his wife, Paola, and their kids, Pikín and Paolo. When we got to Guayaquil, we went to McDonald's. Pikín and Paolo love this place because it has a playplace. This was my first time eating at McDonald's. I had a chicken sandwich, and guess what, it tasted exactly the same! There were decorations and a ton of kids here in costumes. The whole atmosphere really reminded me of the USA - it's weird to get these feelings!

Later we went to Samborondón to the house of one of my host-father's friends. The house was amazing: all modern design with large doors, lot of glass, little streams, a pool, and lounge. The lounge had a TV that could work as a computer, music player, or just a TV, controlled by a little wireless keyboard! That was amazing.

My host-mother and Andrés took my host-father to the airport. Later, I went to the Mall de Sol with Andrés, Paola, and their kids. I walked around the mall a bit while they all waited for McDonald's to open - those kids just love it. There was a huge line for the Michael Jackson movie "This Is It" with people dressed up in sequin jackets, gloves, and hats.

We then left to eat at the Tennis Club with some Guayaquil family. Andrés, Paola, and their kids ducked out (they were sitting outside while the rest of us were inside) and went to McDonald's again! That's three times in less than 24 hours. We then regressed to our abode in Machala.

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  1. I saw "This is it," but no one was dressed up here :( That would have been great! Sadly, Twilight was drawing about 100x time more fans than MJ.