Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Riquísimo crab

Everyone here talks about how delicious the crab is. I hadn't eaten any until mid-January! And it was quite delicious. I went with my brother Juan José, Wacho, my mother Patricia, Marilou, and Nicola.

Nicola (we call him Nico) is the 19-year-old grandson of Marilou. His mom was born in the US, his dad is from Italy, and he was born in France. So, he speaks French, Italian, and English (he has a French accent when he speaks). He came here to work for the Ugartes and also to travel. After Quito, my sister-in-law Paola picked me up from Machala to take me to Puerto Bolívar. I had no idea about Nico until she told me about him. She just kept saying that he was a giant. It was funny because when we got to the house, he was just sitting on the curb looking at the ocean. He is pretty tall and really skinny. I think he's 1.95 meters tall. Figure that out in feet. I'm super confused trying to convert the distances, measurements, and temperatures. Nico's also helping me learn French, little-by-little.

Anyways, we got our crabs and started hammering away. They were so good. Nico wanted to hand his camera off, so he was leaning in his plastic chair with his arm outstretched. Then, the leg of the chair doubled, and he collapsed on the floor. It was funny because he's just so big and that we stuck out even more. He then stacked two plastic chairs and sat on them for the rest of the meal. What a great first crab-eating experience!

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