Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Carnaval is the three-day festival I think in most of South America. Here in Ecuador they celebrate it by throwing water (with buckets or balloons), foam, and corn starch on everybody walking down the streets. When we were driving through Machala and we saw people with blow-up pools on the sidewalk, buckets of water to throw, and water balloons. It's pretty big in Salinas and Montañita. I hear that those beaches are just packed with people. Because of that, my host-family doesn't like to go anywhere for Carnaval.

The first day was Sunday, February 14, and we just went to a little day-resort where you could swim, eat, and play games. Later in the night, I went to visit my old host-family, who was grilling, because I had left so promptly. I bid them adieu, but I'm going to visit them still.

Monday I went with Tjarko and my new host-cousin, Virgilio, to Jambelí Beach. There were a ton of people there! It didn't seem like Jambelí was a ghost town like it did before. We then swam in the vast ocean!

Tuesday I didn't do anything too climactic for Carnaval. I watched the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in Spanish. That was pretty monumental!

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