Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Before the Trip

So I am set to fly to Guayaquil, Ecuador this Saturday, August 22. As of now, I still have not packed except for 10 boxers and a t-shirt with the Rotary outbound students, like myself, on the front. I clipped my fingernails and toenails, so I won't have to worry about it when I first get there because doing that is never very enjoyable. I got my hair cut, unfortunately, because my school is private and requires short hair. The school is Principito y Marcel Laniado de Wind (, and they wear uniforms there.

I will be living with Jose and Patricia Ugarte in a suburb of the city of Machala, Ecuador. The city is south of Guayaquil, is the capital of the El Oro Province, has about 430,000 residents, is called the banana capital of the world, and is on the coast. My host family has a son Francisco (17) who will be going to Livermore, California for his exchange. Also living with my padres are their two sons and their wives. They have two boxer dogs, and I think they live about 10 minutes from the city. They are going to pick me up from the airport along with my Rotary Counselor. There also may be special guest appearances by Johnny Morocho and Marcelo Garcia.


  1. i don't know what diana said. but are you having a wonderful time?? did you find your luggage?? did you get to see johnny??


  2. Hola!! We are having breakfast and Maui and Mango asked how you are doing...
    Your Cousin Nathan also got a hair cut, he is ready for private school in South America!!
    This is my first Blog....ever (I hope it is not trying to trick me!!)
    Oh...Maddie brought in the garbage can at your house!!

  3. i like the title of your blog!
    have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. this looks like such an exciting place to post a comment! are you already in class? what color is the ocean there? :) i had a dream that you were home and then i woke up and realized you weren't. what a big fat bummer. enjoy ecuador life! godspeed!

  5. Hey buddy, I enjoy reading your blog, your experiences driving remind me of the summer I was in Bolivia, aren't the round abouts crazy. Have lots of fun. Marilyn