Friday, August 28, 2009


So we stayed in Guayaquil Saturday night and then woke up around 9. I took a shower and talked with Sebastian, Paulina, José, Patricia, and Patricia María. It was a mix of Spanish and some words in English as they worked on their English. We went to the Mall de Sol in Guayaquil, a huge and nice mall. I went with María, Sebastian, and Pauli to a bookstore, and then we met Patricia and José to eat in the food court. I had ``churrasco´´ which was meat in a kind of sauce, complimented with fries, rice, and a fried egg. We then left Guayaquil for Machala. We passed through banana plantations, cacao plantations, and some tiny, poor towns. It was kind of ironic that the song that was playing when we passed some of these towns was called ´´Pobre.´´ They told me the process of cacao beans - they´re picked, put in oil, then laid out on the ground to dry. I also caught glimpses of fútbol games being played on little dirt fields.

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