Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brunners in Cuenca

So Tuesday we took a little walk downtown and had a typical breakfast: mote pillo (a corn and egg mix). We saw the main cathedral and the central park. We went on to the main artisan market of Cuenca and basically went crazy seeing all the things.

I'm pretty sure we cleaned out a fourth of the vendors' products. We were quite the bargaining bunch with Johnny and myself as the guides.

We then left Cuenca to get to Ingapirca (or as Julie likes to call it, Inca Pinca) which is like an hour and a half drive. We jumped around the Incan ruins and saw the museum. Andy had his Ecuador guidebook and was reading it aloud to us(I'm not sure if anyone was listening though)

We went back to Cuenca and met up with an exchange friend, Lauren, from the US who is living in Cuenca. We all went out for dinner to celebrate Johnny's twenty-first birthday! We secretly asked the waiter to buy us a cake for Johnny, and at the end of the meal I told him that we were ready for it. He hadn't bought it yet, so he calmly went down the stairs, and then he started sprinting past the front window of the restaurant. What devotion.

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  1. whoa. you're a few months behind in your blogging, aren't you? i mean you're COMING HOME NEXT WEEK!