Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 2 in Cuenca

As was foreseen, we went back to the artisan market to finish our shopping. We went on a tour of an old cathedral and then a Panama hat museum.

Fact: the Panama hat is actually from Ecuador and is just know as the Panama hat becuase that was where it was popularized when Roosevelt was building the Panama Canal. Here we call it sombrero de paja toquilla (the type of straw).

All of the family got hats EXCEPT for Julie; she just got a little coin purse of paja toquilla.

We went to have lunch near El Cajas, the national park with the lakes and mountains, and we had trout, the speciality there. Since it was pouring down buckets of rain didn't get to go through the park. Bummer. We went right on to Pasaje. During the trip we watched Avatar and because the road is so bumpy and rocky, it felt like we were in the movie during all the action and flying scenes. We all were pretty much sick of driving and tired, but when we got to the Morocho's house in Pasaje, they had friends over waiting to greet us with a little party, where we also celebrated Johnny's birthday.

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