Saturday, June 19, 2010

Brunners in Guayaquil

We left Machala for Guayaquil, stopping for some yucca bread and yogurt and sugar cane on the way. We met up with Marcelo, the exchange student in our house in 2004, and went to eat some crab. We also met up with my host-father's neice, who I had never met before that night. We walked up Las Penas which is the old neighborhood in Guayaquil situated on a hill. We went all the way to the lighthouse at the top. We went back to Johnny's apartment to prepare for their flight home.

Later that night Johnny, Rachel, and I drove to McDonald's and got a bite to eat (that's what we did on Johnny's last night in the USA).

We packed up and headed out early with all their suitcases. We got to the airport, and Johnny, Marcelo, and I sent them on their way back to the USA.

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