Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dia de la Madre

For Mother's Day I had some big plans with my host-brother (Guillo) and cousin (Virgilio). On Saturday I went with my cousin and we bought a big flower arrangement. In the house we had to sneak it past Patricia. Virgilio distracted Pati while I snuck the flowers into the little bathroom near the front door that nobody uses. Then later I passed it through the house to my room. That night we celebrated with a dinner with the family.

On Sunday I got up at 5:30 with Guillo to make orange rolls for Pati. A little later came Virgilio, too. We started making them and were waiting for them to rise. After all these years watching Mom make orange rolls for Christmas and Easter, I didn't realize that she let them rise overnight. In retrospect, I do remember normally seeing a bowl on the counter with a towel draped over it, but that only came after. We just sacrificed an hour waiting for the dough to "rise" and then continued the rolls. We finished fixing up the rolls, which only made like nine rolls because we didn't have time to let them double. We also made a coffee cake. I was arguing with Guillo and Villo about the crumb topping because they said it was impossible to form crumbs if I add butter to dry ingredients. They kept telling me that you couldn't form crumbs unless you made them by hand. I had to make my own little experiment in a separate bowl to show them that if there are more dry things than butter then it would form little balls.

We also made French toast, and Guillo made bread with an egg in the middle (he cut out a hole in the bread and cooked the egg in the hole in the frying pan). Guillo decorated the plates up, and the three of us walked in to Pati's room with her breakfast. What a fine breakfast that was.

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