Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day with the Morochos and Machala

We all woke up to a loudspeaker that was on a municipal truck telling people to take their trash out. It was on repeat and was parked near the house. It was sooooo annoying and the entire day that song was stuck in my mind. Dad and Johnny accompanied me to the barber shop where I got the majority of my hair chopped off.

We stopped at a banana plantation and Johny (the dad) explained to us the process. Then we went with the Morocho's to an ostrich farm and saw those weird creatures.

Sporting the hats

We drove on to Puyango, where there is a petrified forest, and spent most of the day with the huge trees.

We sped back to Pasaje and packed our bags at lightspeed so that we could get to Machala on time. With the Minuche family (my current family and whose house we all stayed in) we went to the weekly Rotary meeting, where Andy did most of the work translating, and then we left for the house of my host-father's aunt to eat.

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