Saturday, June 19, 2010

Machala with the Brunners

We stayed in my current house and had a huge breakfast. We basically spent this whole trip eating and eating. We left for Frutilandia which is a little restaurant place where you pick fruit and corn flakes and yogurt and such and it's so great! I'm sorry to say that it's now closed. Ugh! Anyways, we met Mathilde, an exchange student from France, and Flavia, an exchange student from Brasil, there and socialized as best we could (Flavia doesn't know English and Andy was the only one who spoke Spanish).

We went to an art exhibit downtown of the crucifixion of Jesus due to that it was Good Friday. We continued on to the house of the president of my Rotary club's house. There was a little party and we ate fanesca, a dish of grains and fish eaten on Good Friday.

At the end of the day we drove to Puerto Bolivar to visit my first host family. I got to show them the house and then we just talked (most of them know English so they could have a conversation).

The next day we started off going to the shopping mall of Machala - big times! We toured my counselor's husband's shrimp farm and got to eat the best ceviche in the world (I'm still workiing on getting that recipe). He also showed us the shrimp in the pools. We left for Pasaje, said a quick goodbye to the Morochos, then left for Guayaquil with Johnny.

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