Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Weekend

About two weeks ago a lot of my family from Guayaquil came down to Machala. This means extra talking and extra-extra eating. I met like 5 new cousins and 6 new aunts and uncles. I helped make some sandwiches then got dressed up for the night. We all went to the pier (a block from our house) and watched a presentation for Gina (either an aunt or my mamá´s cousin). She wrote 3 new books so they were awknowledging her for that. After that, we ate some sweets and listened to the band - three people: a singer, a keyboardist, and a percussionist.

We returned home and split up into groups: older people and younger people. The elders went to a bar called "Bistro," and I went with brother Fernando, cousin Juan, cousin Carlos, cousin Caroyo (real name = Fernando), cousin Andy (distant I think), and the girlfriend of Carlos (we still called her cousin or "prima") to a bar called "Treinta Ocho" (or "Treinta Once"). We took our seats and Fernando ran down the street to buy two packs of cheese puffs and to buy me two Gatorades. We talked and listened to the music, which was rock - I think the only bar in Machala that does so. They played some good music like "The Hardest Part" by Coldplay, "What I Got" by Sublime, and "Karma Police" by Radiohead! Later in the night, brother-in-law César, sister Patricia María, cousin Alejandro, and cousin Bernardo came. There happened to be an "incident" with the "prima"(involved tossing cookies from the tequila), so César, Alejandro, and Patricia María took her and Carlos home. I talked a lot to Juan, and we got on the music of Arcade Fire! The first Ecuadorian, other than Johnny, who has heard of them. We discussed the amazing music. Then, we finally headed out - 14+ beer pitchers later - at 3 am. I was in the shotgun to watch the wheel on the ride home.

We climbed out of bed around noon and ate some ceviche. The topic of discussion was the poor girl and the previous night. We ate AGAIN, this time some pulled pork, rice, choclo and cheese, and potatoes. Then, they all loaded up in their cars and big Hyundai van and headed back to Guayaquil.

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