Monday, October 12, 2009

Center of the Arts

Many times I´m just working on the computer or lounging around before I have to leave for a meeting or something, and my Mamá says "Vamos!" I don´t have an easy way to get into town so I stop everything I´m doing, drop my things, sprint to my room to get appropriate clothing (usually jeans and a t-shirt) and my things, and book it to Wacho´s truck. One night, she asked if I wanted to go with her to an art museum. Being the good Rotary student that I am, I agreed (I actually wanted to go, though). So I warp-speeded it to my room and got ready.

We arrived at the building downtown and it was lit up and filled with people. We stepped inside and the center was absolutely amazing. Machala has a lot of trash in the city and doesn´t always look like it appreciates the arts, but this building was a flash to modern times. I was completely awed by the beauty of this building, and it felt like some kind of haven. I tagged along with Mamá and we talked to several people. Inside was filled with artwork, and there was a pianist tickling the ivories and ebonies. The president of the arts (I think) spoke then the mayor. I was following my Mamá then realized that she was heading to stand alongside the mayor and other important people so I veered off her trail and took a place in the crowd.

After the speeches, a choir sang. I wandered around, looking at the art. I headed upstairs to look at the building. I meandered through the empty floors alone, through an eating lounge, theater practice room, and dance rooms. With each floor I was more stunned and felt pride, for what I´m not exactly sure yet. I kept ascending and finally reached the terrace, which had a beautiful view of the downtown city. I made my way back downstairs and fought off some people to eat some hors d´oerves. They were just mauling the waiters for the food. I went to the drink station and found Wacho helping serve drinks! I managed to get a strawberry soda and continued looking at the art.

The pianist at first played classical music, and that made me really miss the piano. Later, he played some modern songs like Eric Clapton and John Lennon. He played "Imagine" and I quietly sang along while gazing at art. It reminded me of playing the piano in the Governor´s Mansion back home in good ol´ Jefferson City, Missouri.

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