Monday, October 12, 2009

Feria de Durán with the Morochos

It was a Wednesday night (Sept. 30), and I finished Interact. I went to Papá´s office (the radio station), and waited there for a bit. There speaking at the radio was Lucio Gutiérrez, a former President of Ecuador. He walked out with "his people" (aids, guards?) and was talking with Mamá and Papá. They introduced me to him, and they asked if I had a camera with me (at the time I had absolutely no idea who this guy was). Luckily, I had my phone and took a picture with him. Then, Patricia María whispered to me who he was. The photo didn´t take so I ran after him to get another - mission accomplished.

Headed home and sister-in-law Mayra told me that the Morocho´s were trying to call me. I called them back, and they said they were going to the festival in Guayaquil the next day! I asked permission and packed my bags! Another weekend with the Morochos (better yet, two days out of school)!

Left early Thursday morn. They picked me up, and we got to Guayaquil (Johnny´s apartment). I accompanied Johnny to his University and we toured the campus. At the athletic department we played a little ping-pong (I won, for your information). We ate lunch in the mall - I had KFC (breaded shrimp, rice, menestra, and maduros). There were other young people and foreigners!

The family and I took Johnny to class then went to another mall, where we ate again. I played in an arcade with Kevin. We went back to the apartment, and I met some more of their family.

The next morning (Happy Birthday Dad!) we went into Guayaquil. Johnny and I walked through a museum of Guayaquil´s history and of Catholic art. I had a great time there! Knowledge and art! We then went to the Malecón 2000 (a boardwalk along the river). Johnny and I spent our time identifying the "gringos" that were there. Quite different than Machala.

Later that night, we finally went to the "Feria de Durán," celebrating the independence of Guayaquil. We somehow were able to sneak in the back way (we had tickets, we just were avoiding having to walk to the front gates). We walked through exhibits of clothes, art, and food! I tried "espumilla" which is like whipped cream with a flavor, churrón de soya, and avena. Another surprise, I liked them all. Johnny, Johny, and I got t-shirts of Ecuador! Now Johnny and I have two matching shirts: Invisible Children, and Ecuador tree! We watched some presentations, and Johnny and I walked through a large military tent, looking at the branches and trying on the gear. Tell Pop that I´m not ready to sign up yet. We then went home and crashed.

Saturday we got up and went to a little restaurant for breakfast. I had the "Bandera" which is like a taste of 5 different meals and is available at pretty much every restaurant. We dropped off some defective cloths that Geovanna picked up (from her supplier) and looked at a car dealership. We went to a drugstore and then McDonald´s. I had a "Tango" McFlurry. Since the food here is really cheap anyways, McDonald´s isn´t the monopoly on food. That was a weird realization.

I went back to Pasaje with the Morocho family, buying some fruit on the way (8 guabas for $1!). After we got to their house, Johnny, Jocelyne, Kevin, and I went out on the town: this consisted of driving in circles around Pasaje and honking at all the people Johnny knew for maybe an hour. This was quite a strange experience for me - I guess I missed out on the "cruising around town" that happens in smaller cities. We went home and Johnny, Kevin, and I fell asleep watching Harry Potter and the Triwizard Tournament.

Sunday we got up and ate more ceviche - I will never get sick of ceviche! Johnny and I walked around the town again - getting a batido de naranjilla this time. The Morochos and I left Johnny to do homework in Pasaje and headed to Machala. Home again, home again.

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