Saturday, January 16, 2010


My brother-in-law, César, invited me to go biking with him one morning. Since I really miss biking, I was super-excited to go with him. He picked me and his brother, Kike (real name is César also, but they call him Kike), up, and then we went to borrow some bikes from his friend. We met up with about 5 other cyclists before we headed out.

We biked from Machala to Pasaje (Johnny's city) which I think is about 12-15 kilometers away. On the way, I saw Johnny's dad driving to Machala, looking at us. The view was beautiful: mountains extending over the endless banana plants. When we arrived in Pasaje, we ate an incredible "encebollado de pescado." Kike and I then biked to visit Johnny and his mom in their fabric store.

We left Pasaje and took another route to Machala. We were getting pretty tired, but we still went along a long horrible, rocky, muddy road to one cyclist's banana farm. We drank water and walked (more like waddled) around the plantation. We all felt so sore. We made it back to Machala and were so glad to sit on something not shaped like a bike-seat. Even two days after this bike ride, it still hurt to sit on a hard seat! We went home, exhausted, sweaty, and muddy. I took a shower and just slept. My family thought that I had disappeared because when I got home from the ride, I only saw a glimpse of Marilou before I retreated to my bedroom to crash.

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