Friday, April 9, 2010

Galápagos Trip - Day 1

We, the six Brunners and Johnny, made the flight to Galápagos. We got some great airplane food (including a mayo-filled tomato), and Andy even spilled his peach juice on Julie and himself.

When we landed, we checked through everything, loaded a bus, drove to a boat, loaded the boat, crossed to another island, and then took another bus to get to the main part of Santa Cruz. We then went to our house where we stayed.

We checked out the Charles Darwin Scientific Station. There were little lizards that did push-ups all along the path. We saw a bunch of turtles and even Lonesome George: a turtle that is the last of his kind or something like that.

We then walked along this really cool black-rock beach that had black lizards and hopping black crabs.

Later that night we ate lobster tails and went to try on our wet-suits!

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