Thursday, April 22, 2010

Galápagos Trip - Day 2

Bright and early I went with Johnny and Dad to buy some fresh bread. We met our great guide, Victor, at the pier. We had a little sailor helper, David, and the driver, Guille. We hiked around a little bit and Victor showed us (very enthusiastically) little lizards, cacti, coves with turquoise water, sea lions, and birds.

We then went snorkeling! That was so much fun. It was incredible because the water was so clear and there were so many fish. At the beginning, I couldn't use the goggles and snorkel very well, but by the end of our trip, I was pretty much a professional.

We then went to see a shipwreck that had happened ten days prior. We were rocking on the water just looking at it because Victor was really interested in it and taking pictures. We were all pretty much getting seasick. I won't mention any names, but a lot of the family threw up. That was pretty funny.

We snorkeled some more and swam with sea lions! They would dart around us and get so close. Andy got some good photos of the underwater life. Victor kept taking us all over the place in search of a sea turtle swimming, but we didn't find any.

We went back to the house and ate bread and crackers, then crashed. Later we went to these volcanic tunnels on the island.

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