Monday, April 26, 2010

Galápagos Trip - Day 4

We met the group again at the pier bright and early in the morning. Johnny and I sat on the top talking with the captain for most of the ride. From up there, we saw these fish that would fly and skim across the water! We were on the lookout for dolphins and whales but didn't see any. This day we traveled to Floreana.

Come on!

Once on Floreana, we headed up to a trail-head. There, Victor told us some really long, confusing story about legends of people getting lost on Floreana. We hiked up to this fresh water source where there was a little waterfall and drank this "water of life." Further along the trail, we got to this part where pirates used to live. We saw holes in the rocks where they would put their beds and also places for a kitchen. There was also this giant rock head (I didn't hear what it was for).

Johnny running away from the pirates

Kids in the kitchen

Turtle area we hiked past

We went back to the boat after eating lunch and sailed to the Devil's Crown - this neat circular rock formation that juts out of the water.

We snorkeled, yet again, and saw more sharks: tintorera and Galapagos sharks. The snorkeling continued in Champion Bay where we sighted starfish and played with sea lions.

Mad Johnny with the girls

We boated around the island to look at frigatebirds. They were in mating season so there were a ton flying around and many had their big red pouches inflated. On the hillside, it just looked like a bunch of red balloons.

That ended the tour, after which we went back to the pier. On the way to the house we passed again at our ice cream stop.

At the house we bought a guanábana from an old man who was walking the streets selling this fruit. He told us the story how when he was young he planted this tree and now it's keeping him alive in his old age because he sells them.

We had dinner and then ice cream, on the way back to the house, yet again.

Johnny with milk of magnesia on his back for the snorkeling sunburn (he claims it works)

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