Thursday, April 22, 2010

Galápagos Trip - Day 3

We had a light breakfast on Saturday with the awareness that we might throw up what we eat. We loaded up on Dramamine and loaded the boat again with David, Victor, Guille, and Armando. We rode on the boat to Santa Fé (Julie and Rachel kept singing the Santa Fé song from the Newsies).

Our boat: The Northstar

We sailed around the island looking at the wildlife: masked boobies, blue-footed boobies, and the red-tailed sparrow.

We then went to this amazingly turquoise cove where we did more snorkeling, but this time sans wet suits because it was a hot day (at the end of our swim it was getting cold because of the tide from the ocean). We hung around more sea lions, manta rays, and huge schools of fish. While we were watching a big school, we saw a shark emerge from the middle of them! That was really incredible.

With us on our trip was this Danish boy who had his own fin. It was one big one (as opposed to two separate ones that we had) and he could dive down so deep. He would dive down into the schools of fish and disappear!

So long Santa Fé

We boated to another spot, wet-suited up, and snorkeled. This place had really deep rock walls and cool fish. We continued on to Garrapatero Bay (a beach back on Santa Cruz) where we anchored the boat and had lunch. This water was a brilliant turquoise but not very clear. Armando sang to us while we ate, dedicating one of the songs to Mom!

Happy Armando and David

There was a little place where we got to see flamingos just beyond the beach. While we were swimming, two of them flew over us!

We went back to our house and crashed with some cookies, crackers, and bread. That night we walked around - everyone there was getting ready for Earth Hour where they encourage the people to turn off their lights and power for an hour. We ate some typical Ecuadorian food: grilled chicken with rice, menestra (the soupy bean mixture), and patacones (plantains fried and smashed). We stopped by the Earth Hour presentation for a little bit and watched the video. It was pretty discouraging about the whole existence of man. On the way home we got some ice cream from the little restaurant, as usual.

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